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Sweet corn Sweet corn

Top-notch sweet corn

You've probably heard about the sweet corn from David Jones Farm by now - it's the best known corn on the cob in the entire county!


Don't deny yourself this delicious vegetable treat. Stop by and pick up a few ears today.

The perfect side dish

When planning a meal during the holiday season or throughout the rest of the year, you can't pick a better side dish than corn on the cob. The ears from David Jones Farm are so good, you can serve them as a meal all by themselves!


You can serve them alongside steak or one of David Jones Farm's signature fresh chicken or turkey. Try it for a picnic, barbeque, or just a tasty summer treat. Don't be afraid to experiment - try boiling, grilling, roasting, and steaming!

Holiday orders

David Jones Farm

provides an easy way

to make your holiday turkey: order online! Just

fill out a simple form today.

Farm-fresh poultry

  • Fresh turkey

  • Frosty fresh turkey

  • Recently frozen turkey

  • Fresh chicken

  • Recently frozen chicken

  • Breasts and thighs

Stop by to pick up your premium, naturally-grown sweet

corn today!