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Chicken Turkey

All-natural turkeys and chickens

Are you tired of serving those factory-produced turkeys and chickens that are high in price but low in flavor? Isn't it time you treated yourself to delicious farm-raised poultry?


The fowl at David Jones Farm are all natural, free roaming, and fed with the highest quality grains.


The flavor is guaranteed to be the same on all three varieties. We feed non-genetically modified grain to our birds.

Guaranteed premium quality

When you purchase a Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey or chicken from the grocery store, you can imagine that it's spent days or even weeks in a freezer. When you buy from David Jones Farm, you know you're getting the freshest and best-quality meat on the market.


Whether you buy it fresh, frosty fresh or frozen, your bird is guaranteed to taste delicious - and the best part is, they're available all year!

Pick-up and delivery

During the busy holiday season, enjoy the convenience of scheduled pick-up and door-to-door delivery service.

Choose your favorite:

  • Fresh turkeys

  • Frosty fresh turkey

  • Frozen turkeys

  • Fresh chicken

  • Frozen chicken

  • Thighs and breasts

Buy your holiday bird directly from the farm instead of the grocery store freezer!